Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For him

Last week, ak ad order something utk dy. Act im so addicted with that thing so i decided to give it to him sempena ? Ha yes sempena Musim mengawan, haha. Okay ak order 15 cupcakes utk dibagi kepada buah hati ku. ( sila muntah ) And td balik sek, lepas booking e-service, eh btw, ak dlm proses nak amek lesen motosikal. Ha kan dh lari dr tittle sebenar. Okay continue, lepas booking e-service ak pun pg amek cupcakes yg ak order tu, Tp cupcakes yg ak order tu blm siap, so i have to wait until the cupcakes decoration done.

Inilah hasilnya, style kan ? haha


Lepas dh amek tu, dr bp dgn uniform sek, ak terus suruh umi anta ak dkat umah ummi amirah. Sepanjang hari pkai uniform, terasa bdk sek btl, aish. K then, blah blah blah, ak pun hantar cupcakes yg konon2 ak bt tu dkat umah apip kecik, sbb buah hatiku di situ. His response was sengih memanjang. Malu pulak ak. Then he said thank you, i said welcome. And he continue with his cutest smile, duhhh. Sampai ak dah blah pun, tetap dgn senyumannya. Barang lah wak, sy tau awk terharu sy bt cupcakes tu kan ?( muntah lg )

Dear Sirajuddin,
If you had already read my post entry, I just wanna say that i really love you. As you know, you had changed a lot right ? I get so scare sometimes, you know ? Im terrified that this is what it's going to be, that I'll just never be able to talk to you again. I'm afraid that I'll never be able to tell you how much you mean to me. I want you to know how important you are to me. I want you to know the effect you had on me, the way you changed me. I just can't live without you.

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