Monday, May 16, 2011


Testing Testing !

1 2 1 2 5 ?

Obviously im not good in calculation, just ask me the basic question. 8 x 7 equal to ? hmm hii huu errr ahhhh sorry cikgu sy migrain lah -.-' hoho back then so today was quite boring. i filled every second with my baby netb ahhh, that is why my eyes sight become worse ehh ? erhh huuu grrrrr. then idk nowadays my tummy always did a weird sound ahhh what's happened man ? -.-' and it makes me like ahh im going to be fat ass loser. goddd-.-' and i tried so hard to keep myself stay still in this untidy room absolutely mice will make a wild party ever when it come to my room. there's a lot of free dishes, drinks and i have a pets now. they are small small, black black, and sweating. guess what ? semut jongging, weeheeee.

then this evening, my tummy really did a sucker ever sound and im like peh lapar gilaa. nak ABC ? well im not hugry, but my tummy is. after that i ate some kuacis then its not working my tummy really did a good job, and i have to call apex to buy my abc, not mine but my tummy-.-' and he sent to my house just now. hen hen ai ni ahh pek, and i hate this bloody tummy, please stop making a freak sound ehh that's so annoying cause i'll be a fat-fat ass like herrr>>>>> i dont wantttttt:'(

p/s : pek thankyou for ABC:-*

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