Thursday, February 3, 2011

MTB Ride 2011 ♥

Wee. This week was effing hilarious. kekeke. And ya last week la i think MTB Ride was really cool. Ya i mean, bukan lah ak yg dok mengayuh basikal, bermain lumpur bagai. Cuma jadi photographer kpd event tersebut. Bkn ak sorg, tp ad lg 9 org DSLR Pengerang. Termasuk lah ak you can round it out to 10. Hihi. Seriously, i really enjoyed it. Even thought the weather was not really good *sigh Semua basah lencun, ha baju pon tak bwk. Was that cool ? And i've got a terrible cough. But trust me, it was really cool and i wanna do it again ? Can ho ? Wee ♥ Here some pictures. Enjoy it !

klasik kan rambut saya ? ♥

scandal. wee ♥

DSLR Pengerang ♥ ♥

Lot of love ♥ ♥ ♥

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