Saturday, November 13, 2010

Duhh ?

Here is your result Mai

We dont wanna see your upset cute face, we'll just inform your result just like that. Well, lets talk about your Pure Science. Only Biology passes. Others, failed. (Plastic smile) Mathematics, good. More practice. Addmath, you failed. (Plastic smile again) And only 3 students passes in Sejarah. And one of them were not you, so you failed. (Okay, biasa) Good job in your Account ya ? Even you were the sleepy beauty in your Account class ? Pen Islam was good. You have to memorize a lot of subtopic ok ? BM and BI was very good. You got A. And your BI was the highest. Congrats Mai. Your grammar was good ya ? Keep it up. Lastly, congratulation to all Malay Students. Your Sivik was so good. And Mai, you got A. Duhh ??

p/s Kami semua berSIVIK okay ? wkwkwkwk

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