Saturday, August 7, 2010

To Someone

Firstly, ak nak bgtau yg ak tk sangke dgn ap yg dh terjadi, only God knows how I feel. Ak dh berkwn dgn kau, hidup dgn kau, since last years ago, the things that happened really make me wanna go far-far away from here. You know I just cant believe it ! Nsb baiklah sini kg ak, so ak mmg takkan pg ke mane-mane. Haha.

Seriously, I dont wanna see all your sucker friends I've ever know. How suck they all ha, aish ak tk blh trime wei, tp ak usaha utk trime. Im not such a loser girl in this world like others. I dont use words GIVE UP, kot. I love this relationship between me and you, I dont just let it go by time. Duh, tidak lah wei. And lg, sorry to say, if I have a one chance, I would like to show to them my cutiest middle finger. Wah tak agak2 yeah ak nih, haha. Itu lah yg ak nk bt, klau lah berpeluang and kalau lah ak berani. Selalunya ak berani, hoho. (annoying me)

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